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PMReview is a leading insurance education and test preparation supplier for the state-required Life, Health, and Annuities license exams. The PMReview, along with PMReview School, will help you and your team prepare for each state's license exam with our exceptional ONLINE learning tools.

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Welcome to PMReview and the Home of the ZoomPack. We have combined the best of what we offer in one convenient package. We strive to help students prepare for and pass the state insurance license exam the first time. And we do it by interactive, comprehensive, online tools that are as intuitive as anything you have come across in the industry. Our products are faster, easier, and more cost effective than any other exam prep firm … [more] …

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Welcome to PMReview and our Online Insurance Classes. We offer Certification Classes for states that require completion of hours prior to sitting for the exam. Each are online, are easy to follow, and offer comprehensive instruction that helps prepare students to pass the insurance license Certification exam. For those states that don't require a pre-licensing certification class, or as a bridge between the pre-licensing exam and the state test for those states that do, the PMReview ZoomPack will provide the material you need to prepare for your state exam.  … [Select your state] …

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Welcome to PMReview and our Additional Insurance and Securities License Exam study programs. Courses are available which cover:

  • ZoomBook only, on Kindle
  • ZoomBook only En Español, on Kindle
  • Series 6
  • Series 63
  • Series 7
  • Series 65
  • Series 66

… [more] …