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About PMReview

The PMReview started around the dining room table with family.

An insurance instructor was teaching live insurance classes in conference rooms and hotels in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The company was based in Florida. When the exam in Florida became a whole lot more difficult on November 1, 1996, the instructor decided to create an insurance practice exam on the internet. The instructor's wife said, "do you think enough people will have a computer?"

Everyone knows that practice exams are a great tool in learning new information. But this idea was a little different. Through the years of instruction and feedback from students, he had compiled a great deal of information and specific test questions that were on the state insurance exams. He began creating questions. One question turns to 10, turns to 100, to 400, then to 800. The questions and answers are important. You will find many of them on the state exams. But the real power of the practice exam is in the explanations. The wording is clear, concise, down to earth, funny and almost simplistic. You find yourself thinking, “that really makes sense.” And that is the difference. The PMReview Insurance License Practice exam and Test Preparation was born. The answers were not just A, B, C and the explanations were not copied and pasted out of an insurance law book. These were well thought out, deliberate and comical. But they WILL be remembered. Years in the business, and years of instruction, have come down to being able to explain difficult concepts in simplistic terms everyone can understand.

Move forward to 2010. The PMReview, the powerhouse that was once only available in three states, has now expanded nationwide. Now students wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in life insurance, health insurance, and annuities prior to sitting for the state exam can select from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The PMReview is available to all students – nationwide.

The PMReview is a state-specific, interactive, online, 800-question and answer practice exam with explanations everyone can understand. 400-Life and Annuity and 400-Health questions cover all aspects of the insurance industry students will need to know when they sit for the insurance license exam. Students can study at their own pace and on their own time 24 hours a day. This is insurance exam preparation made EASY!

PMReview, the company, has changed as well. PMReview School provides courses that cover all topics pertaining to the life/health/annuities insurance exams, as well as FINRA courses for Series 6 and 7 preparation. Students can experience expert instruction in a digital environment from the comfort of their home or office. We have added two major products which have greatly enhanced the insurance learning experience: the 21 category ZoomBook, and the 24 video ZoomCourse. The ZoomBook is in PDF form, and the videos are available in a crash-course format and provide an intensive review of the material on a 24/7 basis. To enhance the pass-rate of each student, we market our three main items as our ZoomPack: PMReview800, ZoomBook, and ZoomCourse.

Times have changed and PMReview has changed with it. The insurance instructor is still the head of the company. But it is not a one-man show any longer. He is now joined by additional friends and family members who have added their services and expertise to the company. PMReview is still based in Florida, but it has a nationwide reach. We still sit around the dining room table and talk about the beginnings of the company twenty-some years ago. PMReview started with one question and turned into a leading resource for insurance education and test preparation – nationwide.