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What are PMReview and PMReview School?

PMReview and PMReview School are divisions of Quantum Results Network. We are an online, nationwide, insurance education company that specializes in preparing students to take the Life/Health/Annuity Insurance License Exam. We offer a number of services. The PMReview ZoomPack consists of our PMReview800, an 800-Question and Answer Insurance License practice test with explanations everyone can understand, our 50+ page 21 category ZoomBook which covers the 100 important insurance topics found on the state exams, and our 24 video ZoomCourse which covers the categories in the ZoomBook and is available for use online 24/7. We have partnered with the AD Banker Company, a leading top quality Self-paced Online class approved in most states. Our ZoomPack is included in the package.

How do I register for the PMReview Practice Exam or Online Classes?

PMReview has been teaching students in the classroom and online for more than 15 years. Through our exceptional learning tools, you too can pass the life/health/and annuity insurance license exam. Click on the red Order button to get started.

What if I don’t pass my exam?

If you don’t pass the exam here are a few steps you need to take: immediately sit down with your textbook or your ZoomBook and go page by page. Look at each section, attempting to remember if there was a question from that section on your exam. Most people can’t remember very many, if asked, right after the exam, but many can remember when reminded of the section. It is a VERY good way to fix the problem if you don’t make a passing grade. The time spent with this suggestion will make a major difference because you will recognize the topic that was on your exam, and then look and read to see if you answered the question correctly. It is not as important to remember the exam question and answers provided, but rather to remember the content – what the question was about. If you do this, the reading will confirm it, and you now will see what is correct. If you wait very many days after your exam to do this, it won’t work. It needs to be done immediately.

Once you review like this, go back through the 800 PMReview questions, the ZoomBook, the ZoomWords, and the 24 video ZoomCourse. You can repeatedly go through the videos that cover the areas you are most concerned about.

Do you have any test-taking tips?

Yes we do. Taking tests give many people anxiety. These tips can really help you relax and focus your attention to pass the insurance exam. Some tips are physical, some tips are mental but they are all helpful. Our test-taking tips are located in the PMReview ZoomPack menu.

What do other students say about PMReview?

We have had great success with students who are new to the insurance industry, seasoned veterans who need a refresher course, as well as people that need to add a state insurance license to round out their business. The PMReview800 insurance practice exam and review materials have been instrumental in their preparation. Many students have stated “PMReview is the reason I passed my insurance exam.”

How often are the PMReview Practice Exam or online class subjects updated?

The state insurance departments make changes on a regular basis. The state insurance laws can, and will, change over time. These changes will be reflected in the insurance exams, study materials, and supplementary law sections. We are abreast of this information and make changes accordingly. We are vigilant in being correct as this is your key to passing the state insurance exam. We find this to be of the utmost importance. We make these changes as changes are made.

Do you have any sample questions?

Why, yes we do. We have a group of 5 Sample Questions available to you so you can see how the PMReview800 practice exam and preparation tool can help you study and pass the insurance exam. As you will see the questions are important. The answers are important. But it is the explanation that is paramount. You learn a great deal if you are right, and even more if you are wrong. This is a great tool and a great way to learn. We also have a sample video from our 24 video ZoomCourse, and a sample PDF of the ZoomBook.

Why don’t you have a grading system on PMReview?

As you will see, the importance of the practice exam is putting in the time to view all the questions AND all the answers. The PMReview800 does not force you on to the next question. That means you will get a score of 100%. The PMReview is not a test, it is a learning experience. It encourages you to click on all answers before you move on. As stated earlier, you learn a lot by answering correctly. But you will also learn a lot by answering incorrectly. The explanations are the key to learning and the key to understanding the concepts. You can make a mental note of what you have missed but it is the value of continuing to learn that will help you pass the state insurance exam. Not just the score you receive on a practice test. Included with the 800 questions are 10 question and 50 question quizzes. On those, your score is provided.

When can I start?

Right now! The PMReview ZoomPack is available, online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can study at your own pace, on your own time, from the comfort of your home or office. Our Self-paced classes are available online when you are ready to start.

We look forward to helping you prepare for and pass the state insurance license exam. With the exceptional online tools available through PMReview, you will feel confident in your knowledge and abilities when you sit for the exam. You are going to do great!